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    (1) ApplicationAlumina grinding media ball is mainly used in ceramic, glaze, paint, zirconia silicate, aluminum oxide, quartz, silicon carbide, talc, lime carbonate, kaolin, titanium and other materials grinding,  and mechanical equipment accessories.(2) PropertiesHigh density, high hardness, low wear loss, regular shape, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.(3) Chemical Property92% Alumina Grinding BallAl2O3(%)92±1Fe2O3(%)<0.25SiO2(%)≤5Mohs hardness9Water absorption<0.01Bulk density(g/cm3)>3.60Wear loss(g/kgh)<1.6Crushing strength(3mm)>1050NSizeØ0.5-60mmSphericity>95%75% Alumina Grinding BallAl2O3(%)>75Fe2O3(%)<0.4SiO2(%)≤20Mohs hardness8Water absorption<0.01Bulk density(g/cm3)>3.15Wear loss(g/kgh)<1.6Crushing strength(3mm)>800NSizeØ0.5-13mmSphericity>95%60% Alumina Grinding BallAl2O3(%)≥60Fe2O3(%)<0.6SiO2(%)≤31Mohs hardness7Water absorption<0.01Bulk density(g/cm3)>2.8Wear loss(g/kgh)<1.6Crushing strength(3mm)>600NSizeØ0.5-13mmSphericity>95%99% Alumina Grinding BallAl2O3(%)≥99Others(%)<0.5Mohs hardness7Water absorption<0.01Bulk density(g/cm3)>3.90Wear loss(g/kgh)<1.6Crushing strength(30mm)>55000NSizeØ0.5-13mmSphericity>95%(4) Standard Dimensionø0.5-1mm, ø1.5mm, ø2mm, ø2.5mm, ø3mm, ø3.5mm, ø4mm, ø5mm, ø6mm, ø8mm, ø10mm, ø13mm,ø15mm, ø20mm, ø30mm, ø40mm, ø50mm, ø60mm(5) PackageDifferent package as to meet different customer’s requirements.Wooden Crates              Drum          Plastic Pallet         Bulk Packing

    FIRSTAR Ball mill alumina grinding media

    This alumina grinding media possesses excellent thermal properties. So you can grind down to the particle size you need to achieve.Better for some applications than porcelain, flint pebbles, or natural stones, Ultraming Alumina grinding balls are precisely engineered, down to the nanometer.Because when it comes to your ball milling process, every nanometer counts.DESCRIPTIONPROPERTIESShapeSpherical, cylindricalColorWhiteAlumina60%, 75%, 92%Ball size0.5-30 Rolling Type25-60mm Pressed TypeHardness7-9MohsSelf Wear Rate≤0.08g/kg.h

    FIRSTAR High alumina ceramic grinding media

    -High density-High fracture toughness-Large Specific density-Wear resistant,anti corrosion-PPM Grade wear loss  Applications:-Suitable for Electronic ceramic,ink,paint,pigments,coating,dyes,food,cosmetic,pharmaceutical industry which require high wear resistance and contamination-free from grinding media-Suitable for fine particle size production as high compression strength and narrow size distribution- Suitable for nano particle size production industry. Chemical PropertyYTZ yttria zirconia grinding beads propertiesItemsTypical ValuesCompositionWt%94.8% ZrO25.2% Y2O3Packing Densitykg/L3.7~3.9Bulk Densityg/cm35.95~6.0Hardness (HV)GPa>8Wear loss(g/kgh)≤1.3Crushing StrengthN(⌀5)≥16000Sphericity%≥95Standard sizemm0.3-30Packing25kgsPackageDifferent package as to meet different customer’s requirements.25kg/pails+Wooden Crates  

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