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    Booth# 078 China Mining Expo 2023

    China Mining Expo 2023The mining supply chain and industrial chain have undergone structural differentiation in recent years as a result of the world economy's deep adjustment and anti-globalization, and the market for mining has become characterized by constant turbulence. The high overall market demand as well as the rising demand for strategic emerging mineral products are the driving forces behind China's mining sector, which is generally developing at a slightly faster rate than other nations. In order to actively promote the high-quality growth of China's mining industry, advance the deepening of cooperation and exchanges in the global mining industry, increase the power, cohesion, and activation force for the comprehensive revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China, and assist Northeast China in developing a high-end equipment manufacturing base with international competitiveness, the 8th China International Mining Exhibition (CIME2023) will be held from July 27-29, 2023 at Shenyang International Exhibition Center. Concurrently, there will be the "2023 Sino-foreign Mining Industry Chain Development Forum." From the standpoint of mineral resource base, enterprise cluster, and radiation scope, the new exhibition held in Shenyang will be more advanced, more comprehensive, and more influential. It is also the preferred platform for brand promotion, product sales and technical exchange. The richest mineral resources in China are in the northeast and north, where Liaoning is one of the few provinces and regions with a full range of all five major types of minerals. These regions also have a strong industrial foundation and a large market. It has developed a full mining economic system that includes steel, energy, nonferrous metals, machinery, the chemical industry, building materials, and more.Welcome to talk to US at Booth#: B078

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    China Yulin Coal Expo 2023

    17th Yulin International Coal & High-end Energy Chemical Industry ExpoDates: 4/7/2023 - 4/9/2023Venue: Yulin Convention & Exhibition Center, Yulin, ChinaSponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shaanxi Sub-coucil and local government and Party committee, the expo aims to invite international superior resources to boost agglomerative development and raise Yulin's profile.New technologies in the coal and energy chemical industry, such as modern logistics, smart mining and efficient use of energy will be on display. Also, the expo will showcase the geographical advantages and resource advantages of countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative and their latest achievements in this field.There are estimated to be more than 500 exhibitors and about 50,000 visitors during the event, at an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters.The expo is expected to build a broad platform for communication, procurement and cooperation among enterprises in the energy and chemical sector. QMX’s Wholly owned subsidiary Shandong Ultraming Fine Ceramics Co.,Ltd. Participated in Yulin Coal Expo 2023, and the Booth# is 3031we believe that participating in exhibitions is more than just showcasing our products and services. It's an opportunity to connect with our target audience, learn from industry experts, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations.Our vision for participating in exhibitions is to become a trusted and respected industry leader, known for our quality offerings, innovative solutions, and exceptional customer service. We strive to create an engaging and memorable experience for visitors, one that leaves a lasting impression and builds long-term relationships.Through our participation in exhibitions, we aim to not only generate leads and sales but also to share knowledge, collaborate with like-minded professionals, and contribute to the growth and development of our industry. Our goal is to be recognized as a valuable and integral part of the exhibition community, one that adds value and drives positive change.We believe that by staying true to our vision and values, we can achieve our goals and make a meaningful impact in the world of exhibitions and beyond.We will be all here wait for your inquiry about the wear ceramic products for Mining&Mineral conveyor systems.  

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    Bitossi Visiting Chinese Companies for Potential Partnership

    Vincenzo Patini, the China Regional Manager of Vitopel Group from Italy, along with one other member of the group, is scheduled to visit the High-Tech Zone on February 23-24. The purpose of their visit is to explore aluminum oxide powder production companies in the High-Tech Zone and seek potential partners for collaboration.On February 24th, our company welcomed a group of customers to visit our factory in the Industrial Zone. The purpose of the visit was to give our valued customers a firsthand experience of our production processes and quality control measures.Upon arrival, the visitors were warmly welcomed by our staff and given a brief introduction to our company and the products we manufacture. The tour then commenced, starting with the raw material storage area, where the visitors witnessed the storage and handling of materials used in the production process.The visitors were then taken to the production line, where they saw our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment in action. Our experienced technicians demonstrated the production processes and explained the quality control measures implemented at each stage of production.The visitors were impressed by the cleanliness and efficiency of our factory, as well as the dedication and expertise of our staff. After the tour, the visitors were invited to a conference room for a Q&A session with our sales and technical team, during which they had the opportunity to discuss our products, processes, and future cooperation.Overall, the factory tour was a great success, providing our customers with a deeper understanding of our operations .  

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    Mine Duty Ceramic Conveyor Wear Liners

    PROVIDE MAXIMUM IMPACT AND ABRASION PROTECTIONMine Duty Ceramic Conveyor Wear Liners are manufactured to fit into existing applications and can be easily installed by studs welded to the backing plate, counter bored holes molded into the liner, or by welding.· Excellent wear protection for tough mining conditions· Advanced Hard Ceramic Wear Plate· Unsurpassed Resistance· Available in square ceramic with steel backing PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSApplications – Transfer points in conveyor systems, Screen Chutes, Deflectors FeedersSteel Backing – suitable for stud welding or plug weldingAvailable – in Cylinder Ceramic 20x20mm, 30x30mm, 40x40mm and 50x50mmCustom sizes available at customers request.    

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    How to solve the problem of grinding media breakage?

    First, identify the appearance of the "broken" beads. If the particles are relatively smooth and not sharp-edged like broken glass, it is actually natural wear of the beads. These beads may be worn into various shapes such as disc-shaped, elliptical, or smaller spherical shapes. This condition is called abrasion, which only varies in the degree of wear.From a force perspective, when the dispersing disc transfers energy to the beads, if the liquid viscosity is low, such as when cleaning the grinding machine with solvents or water, the thrust of the material may not be sufficient, and the beads may come into contact with the dispersing disc and break. This is why we recommend minimizing the cleaning time. If low-viscosity liquids are used to clean the machine, the beads may also wear out other beads or components of the grinding machine. To ensure the longest service life of the grinding beads and the grinding machine, it is best to use resins for cleaning and maintain sufficient material viscosity during production.Many people encounter broken beads when they empty old beads and load new ones for testing. Let's analyze this issue and discuss possible solutions.1. Incorrect installation of internal contact parts in the grinding machine: loose dispersing disc or sharp edges on the disc's edge, foreign objects inside the grinding machine, loose valves, etc. These situations may cause the grinding beads to break.2. Wear or improper installation of contact parts in the grinding machine: the dynamic separator or screen mesh may be worn out, the screen mesh may have broken or been installed incorrectly. If the grinding media pass through the separator and enter the feeding pump, the pump may crush the beads before it gets clogged or shuts down.3. Back pressure: When the feeding pump is turned off, the residual pressure inside the grinding machine can push the beads into the pump. So when the pump starts again, it can crush these beads. One-way valves are not always reliable and sometimes allow beads to pass before closing.4. Accumulation of grinding beads: If the grinding beads accumulate at the bottom of the grinding machine or the working pump's high speed causes the beads to concentrate at the exit of the horizontal grinding machine, this situation may occur. The solution is to start the grinding machine with a jogging mode of "on-off-on-off" to loosen the accumulated grinding beads.5. Wear of the dispersing disc: This situation may be more difficult to determine. The worn edge of the dispersing disc becomes uneven, and the edge of the dispersing disc is where the linear speed is the highest and strong vortices may form. In addition, for vertical grinding machines, the grinding beads tend to concentrate near the lower part of the dispersing disc due to their own weight. These factors combined can cause the grinding beads to break. Excessive wear of the dispersing disc is often caused by slow pump speed and high density of grinding beads. This problem can be solved by replacing severely worn components and reloading the same batch of grinding beads.6. Mixing grinding beads from different manufacturers. Products from different manufacturers may have different densities. Doing so will intensify the mutual wear between the beads. The solution is to never mix grinding beads from different manufacturers. If you suspect that mixing has already occurred, you must dispose of all of them.7. Accidentally adding used old beads to the grinding machine.8. Garbage or small worn-out beads: Often, garbage or small worn-out beads are attached to the screen mesh, shaft, support, or other corners inside the machine. When adding new grinding beads, these small particles may loosen and mix with the new beads. This may create an illusion of immediate breakage of the new beads, but what you see is actually some naturally worn beads.

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