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    Large Ceramic Bead Filled Epoxy/Ceramic Wearing Compound QMX's wearing compounds are unique patented epoxy resin systems containing diamond hard ceramic beads that resist sliding abrasion. DIRECTIONS FOR USE- Surface preparation: Proper surface preparation is critical to the long term performance of this product. The exact requirements vary with the severity of the application, expected service life, and initial substrate conditions. Type: Ceramic bead size: 0.5-1mm, 1-1.5, 2mm  Technical DataItemIndexColorGrey(White Grain)Density(g/cm3)2.0Weight Ratio(A:B)2:1Operating time(min)10~30(can be customized)Full cure time(h)4~24(Depend on Temperature)Hardness after solidify(Shore D)100.0Compressive strength(Mpa)111.0Shear strength(Mpa)32Working temperature(℃)-20~80(Customized for high temperature)Instructions &Application 1.On all vertical or overhead applications, tacking welding expanded metal mesh onto the metal substrate is strongly recommended prior to application of Wearing Compound. 2. Clean, dry, and abrade application surface. The more thorough the degree of surface preparation, the better the performance of the application. If possible, it is recommended that the surface be grit blasted to a Near White Metal(SSPC-SP10/NACE No.2) Standard. For less severe applications, roughening the surface with hand tools is suitable. Mixing: 1. Measure 1part resin to 1 part hardener by volume or weight on a clean and dry mixing surface and mix together until uniform in color.(If resin and hardener temperatures are 15 ℃/60℉ or below, preheat resin only to about 21℃/90℉ but not to exceed 37℃/100℉) . 2.Immediately after abrasive blasting, rub a thin layer of material onto the surface to “wet” for good adhesion. Operation: 1. Apply fully mixed material to the prepared surface.  2.Initially apply the material in a very thin layer to “wet” out the surface and avoid air entrapment. 3. At 25℃/77℉, the working time is 30 minutes. Working and solidify time depend on temperature and mass; the higher the temperature, the faster the cure time . 4.Functional cure time is 4 hours at 25℃/77℉. 5.CAUTION! Use approved, positivepressure, supplied-air respirator when welding or torch cutting near cured compound. Use approved self-contained breathing apparatus when burning,welding, or torch cutting indoors near cured compound. Use approved respirator for dusts and mists when grinding or machining cured compound.  DO NOT use open flame on compound. See other cautions on Material Safety Data Sheet.   Applications: 1. small particles of ceramic compound is generally used in a place where there are wear and corrosion, such as slurry circulating pump, high sediment concentration of the pump, pipe, elbow rapid repair.2.Desulfurization pipeline wear and tear repair, and now the pipeline is generally used vulcanized rubber, but its wear resistance is in general, disassembly and transportation is not convenient, long maintenance cycle. These problems can be solved using the ceramic wearing compound.3. fly ash pipeline repair, sewage pipe lining, conveyor screw and other mechanical parts. Packing  

    FIRSTAR Epoxy adhesives

    Epoxy adhesivesA wide range of Epoxy products is available for each specific application.Epoxy tile adhesive is available for embedding ceramic tiles or silicon carbide tiles and ensuring the required bonding onto the steel or underlying surface after the necessary preparation has been attended to.The range of epoxies has specialized application and properties including inter alia high bonding and quick setting. These epoxies are two-part kits available in various quantities and include a base hardener to be mixed together and applied immediately.The epoxy wearing compound is a product also available with specialized qualities, however, it is essentially a ceramic bead-filled adhesive to apply to areas where tiling is not possible or effective.The compound has wear-resistant qualities, is easy to apply, and is used vastly in the maintenance of lined areas. These epoxies are two-part kits available in various quantities and include a base with a hardener to be mixed together and applied immediatelyPACKAGE & STORAGE 5kg/Set,20kg/ctn(4sets)1. Store in a cool and ventilated place, the storage period is 2 years. After the expiration date, if the viscosity is suitable, it can be used continuously without affecting the final effect.2. This product is a non-dangerous and can be transported as a general chemical.

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