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    PU grinding mediaPolyurethane ball is zero pollution medium ball which purchased by part of the specific high-tech enterprise. Our company adopts the special processing technology to ensure the concentricity of the inner metal ball and outer polyurethane lining, greatly improved its service life, and safety character. Now it is widely used in the grinding and mixing of all kinds high grade materials.Our company can make various kinds of ceramic grinding media professional, is a high and new technology enterprise, has passed ISO9001 quality system certificate, can make high wear resistance and high strength aluminum zirconium silicate composite beads, and other production process, we has a patent for invention, production,received extensive recognition and application at home and abroad.Our product, include all kinds of grinding media(zirconia bead, alumina bead, zirconia silicate bead, ZTA bead) is mainly used in coating, paint, printing ink, ceramics, ink, electronic ceramics, titanium dioxide, pesticides, Kaolin, calcium carbonate, special chemical and other industries, zirconia bead, mainly used in Nano materials(such as lithium battery, barium sulfate, grinding ceramic ink, etc.)Specific Density 11.3kg/LTear Strength40-100KN/mShore A Hardness35-95Tensile Strength30-50MPaAkron abrasion<0.053(CM3/1.61km)Deformation<8%Working Temperature-25-80℃Insulation StrengthExcellentExpansion strength70KN/mGrease resistantExcellent

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