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    Ceramic linings can extend wear life and improve performance when integrated into any transport piping where an abrasive material is being moved, whether this is via gravity feed, dense phase, dilute phase, slurry or vacuum conveying. In industrial environments where highly abrasive materials are pneumatically conveyed, unlined steel or rubber-lined elbows may wear out in a matter of weeks, resulting in an expensive cycle of downtime for frequent repairs and replacements.

    QMX offers an ideal solution to this common wear problem. Its range of wear-resistant ceramic liners offers a unique combination of straightforward installation, exceptionally long service life, and low cost fabrication. A range of ceramic-lined elbows and liners are available specifically for this type of application.

    Qmx’ comprehensive product portfolio offers outstanding mechanical properties, superior wear resistance and excellent corrosion performance. QMX’ pipe fitting liners have been proven to last 5-10 times longer than steel alternatives, while consistently outperforming inferior ‘ceramic-lined’ products.


    Features and Benefits

    ⊙ Designed with the same internal diameter as the existing unlined pipe

    ⊙ Various minimum wall thicknesses are available

    ⊙ A heavier wall is recommended for optimum wear life

    ⊙ Segmented cylinders or pipe tiles specifically designed for the pipe size and application

    ⊙ Easy installation into the steel piping

    ⊙ Special oversized flanges can be used on existing straight pipes to connect to ceramic lined fittings

    ⊙ Extensive expertise in material science

    ⊙ The latest CAD technology

    ⊙ Unique shaping capabilities

    ⊙ Custom engineered ceramic shapes available in a pre-fired state

    ⊙ Precise fit and full ceramic protection throughout the thickness of every joint

    ⊙ Superior wear system

    ⊙ Eliminates frequent downtime for repairs

    ⊙ Substantially extends equipment service life


    Ceramic Material Type

    Alumina Material(92%&95%Al)


    RBSiC(Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide)



    1. Abrasive products

    2. Aluminium plants

    3. Iron & Steel

    4. Mineral wool & insulation products

    5. Foundries

    6. Glass plants

    7. Breweries, grain processing, feed mills

    8. Cement

    9. Chemical plants

    10. Mineral mining plants

    11. Coal fired power stations

    12. Coal mines

    13. Technical carbon products

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