ceramic lined cyclone
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Ceramic Lined Wye Feed Pipe&Tees

Pipe wyes and pipe tees:

Pipe wyes are similar to pipe tees. The only difference is in that the branch line is angled to reduce friction which could hamper the flow. The pipe connection is typically at a 45-degree angle rather than a usual 90-degree angle. If a branch turns out at the end to be perpendicular to the through line, the pipe fitting becomes a "tee wye".

Main Properties of Ceramic

Al2O3≥92%≥95% ≥95% 
Water Absorption≤0.1%≤0.1%≤0.1%
HV 20≥950≥1000≥1100
Rock Hardness HRA≥82≥85≥88
Bending Strength MPa≥220≥250≥300
Compression strength MPa≥1050≥1300≥1600
Fracture Toughness KIc MPam 1/2≥3.7≥3.8≥4.0
Wear Volume≤0.25cm3≤0.20cm3≤0.15cm3


Ceramic lined pipe elbows could be also applied in the parts of concrete pump owing to their advantages, especially the low weight, which helps to avoid the jam during the transport of concrete.

  • Replace carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and SDR

  • High wear material discharge

  • Magnetite feed and drain lines

  • Tailing underflow

Ceramic Lined Wye Feed Pipe&TeesCeramic Lined Wye Feed Pipe&Tees

Ceramic Lined Wye Feed Pipe&Tees

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