ceramic lined cyclone
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Engineering Wear Ceramic Matrix

Engineering Wear Ceramic Matrix

Abrasion is always unavoidable in the processing and transport of bulk materials. The falling material flow causes particularly strong impact. We offer our customers best solutions with the high-quality ceramic wear matrix(with/without steel plate and bolt), in order to achieve an optimal result in increasing the impact resistance and reducing the abrasion and noise.



* Extremely high impact resistance

* Low friction coefficients

*Noise reduction

* easy and fast montage


*Lining of funnels and containers

*Slides and transfer stations

*Pipeline case

*Vibration chutes and chute boxes

*Application at the transfer points

Type of Ceramics :

 * Cylinder *Hex Tile* Rectangular* Square*Cube

 92%, 95%, 99% Al2O3, ZTA, Zirconium, RBSIC Silicon Carbide

 Dimension of the Liners:


Max L800*W800mm

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