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High Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Block Cube as Abrasion Materials

QMX Alumina Ceramic Blocks are designed as per the requirements of the customers' engineering combined with the cost, installation and effective of application. Especially the blocks with tongues and grooves, Its obvious performance is that they could lock each other due to the tongues and grooves to increase the connectivity in whole engineering. So it is used widely in pipe lining, ceramic rubber plate in mining industry, steel plant, cement plant, port, power plant,etc.

High Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Block Cube as Abrasion Materials

Meanwhile QMX ceramic blocks usually vulcanized with rubber, made as the ceramic rubber and steel composition ceramic liner. 


>>> Reputation & Experience for Quality
QMX served industrial maintenance company for 17years, we earned good reputation by our believable products and sincere service , CHEMSHUN CERAMICS are the wear resistant ceramics of choice for a large variety of industries including mining, sand and gravel, coal handling, steel production, and more.

>>> QMX Ceramic Advantage
Afford the standard and pre-engineered tiles
Professional technical team to afford CAD designs
Professional installation team to afford install service
Well established process as per international standards

>>> QMX Wear Resistant Materials Application 
Copper Mining Processing
•  Mill Feed Throats
•  Underflow Tub Liners
•  Material Handling Chutes
•  Cyclone Feed/Discharge Piping/Chute

Coal Preparation
•  Cyclone Distributors
•  Cyclone Liners
•   Magnetic Separator Chutes
•   Impact Panels
•   Sieve Bend Feed Boxes
•   Pipe Lining/Elbows

Cement Industry
•   Chutes
•   Cyclone Separators
•   Cones

>>> QMX Ceramic Product Salient Property
Excellent wear and abrasion protection property
Lower production and maintenance cost
Excellent corrosion resistance property
Excellent impact resistance property
Excellent heat resistance property
Easy to handle size and weight
Fast and safe installation

High Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Block Cube as Abrasion Materials

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