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    Abrasion resistant lining

    Our Alumina abrasion resistant ceramic linings are highly durable and have a significantly longer lifespan compared to lower grade materials typically used for lining or protecting processing and material handling equipment. These linings can outlast these lower grade materials by factors ranging from 3 to 15 times.

    One common application for our Alumina ceramic linings is in grain transitions. These transitions are areas where grains are moved from one section to another, and they are prone to wear and tear due to the abrasive nature of the grains. By using our ceramic linings, these transitions can be protected and their lifespan can be extended.


    Similarly, grain spouts, grain elbows, and grain chutes are also susceptible to abrasion and deterioration. Our Alumina ceramic linings provide excellent resistance against wear, allowing these components to withstand the constant flow of grains without experiencing significant damage. This greatly reduces the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

    Grain conveyors, hopper bins, and grain valves are other critical equipment in the grain handling industry that can benefit from our ceramic linings. These components are exposed to high levels of abrasion and impact as grains are transported and processed. By installing our Alumina ceramic linings, these equipment can be protected from wear and damage, resulting in improved reliability and reduced downtime.

    Overall, our Alumina abrasion resistant ceramic linings offer superior longevity compared to lower grade materials commonly used in the industry. By choosing our ceramic linings, businesses can significantly reduce maintenance costs, minimize equipment downtime, and extend the operational lifespan of their processing and material handling equipment.

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