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  • Ceramic Lined Pipe Fitting/Cyclone
  • Compound Kits
  • Alumina Powder
  • Polyurethane Wear Products
  • Ultrafine Grinding Equipment
  • FIRSTAR ceramic wear resistant linings

    ceramic wear resistant linings

    · Flat ceramic tiles of various dimensions and thickness.

    · Pre-engineered pipe ceramic tiles.

    · Interlocking tiles

    other specialized ceramic products

    · Monolithic and sets

    · Pre-engineered inserts and sets

    · Ceramic tiles and related products used by AVIOCEAN GLOBAL are made to very specific specifications and maintain a high grade of no less than 92% alumina content which is wear resistant ceramic tiles. It counters moisture and creep sulphide attack. Tiles are embedded into an epoxy adhesive applicable to the application.

    · This lining increases the life span of steel and related products which are subject to severe erosion. Tiles are available in various dimensions and thickness, as required by each application. Pre-engineered ceramic tiles are also available for piping of various diameters and specialized pre-engineered sets for cyclones and similar applications.

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