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Anti lmpact Engineering ceramic wear panel for conveyor system

Anti lmpact Engineering ceramic wear panel for conveyor system

Engineering alumina ceramic liner is different standard ceramic tile , designed and tailor-made with CAD Software to suit any type of customer’s components . QMX ceramics offer a range of wear resistant ceramics products that have been engineered to meet the equipment abrasive requirement of special angle , shape,radian,sizes etc.which can be perfectly installed without gaps and fitted for equipment. QMX has experienced to design engineering alumina tiler chute liner like hopper liner , cyclone liner etc. Also will help with your wear problems well .

Products Characters :

-- Long lifetime and maintenance free operation 

-- No operation interruption or production losses 

-- Maximum efficiency of separation 

--Perfectly fit for equipment without cutting 

Application industry 

> mining industry 

> Cement industry 

> Coal handling industry 

> Steel industry 

> Port industry 

> Power plant 

Technical data :Chemical Composition:





Physical Properties:

Specific gravity (g/cc)>3.60>3.65>3.70
Apparent porosity (%)000
Bending Strength (20℃, Mpa)220250300
Compressive strength (20℃, Mpa)105013001600
Rockwell hardness (HRA)828588
Vickers hardness (HV20)105011501200
Moh’s hardness (scale)≥9≥9≥9
Thermal Expansion (20-800℃, x10-6/℃)888
Abrasion Loss (Cm3)

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