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  • Polyurethane Wear Products
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  • FIRSTAR Wear plate

    QMX Wear Plate

    Increase the life and performance of your operational assets.

    Wear Plates are designed and manufactured for their specific intended application, ensuring the correct plate is always recommended and installed.


    In addition to the sale of wear plates, HICTECH offers installation capabilities which deliver exceptional customer satisfaction and value. Facilitated by our experienced and reliable onsite service division, we will take control of your whole project, from the conception and evaluation stage, through to the manufacture, delivery, installation, maintenance and ongoing after sales service/support.


    Wear plates are engineered to suit each application and have various fixing options, steel studded backing plates, weld on options and direct substrate bonding.

    Wear Plates

    Wear Plates are manufactured to the highest quality standards and specifications, making them far superior to any other product in the market.


    • Superior wear characteristics

    • Dampens impact

    • Noise reduction

    • Reduces downtime

    • Low cost per tonne ROI

    • Fit for purpose


    • Chutes

    • Hoppers

    • Transfer points

    • Crushing and screening

    • Milling

    • Train and ship loaders

    Zirconia Toughened Alumina37mm-63mmVulcanised rubber / studded steel plate
    Alumina 92% / 95% Al20337mm-63mmVulcanised rubber / studded steel plate
    Alumina 92% Al203 / Natural Rubber8mm-63mmHexagonal, cubed, cylinder, tile
    Alumina 92% Al203 / High Tensile Polymer10mm-63mmHexagonal, cubed, cylinder, tile
    Polyurethane3mm-20mmComplete cast

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