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    QMX manufactures a full range of high-density, fine-grain, wear-resistant alumina ceramic hex mats (hexagonal tiles). Our  alumina ceramic is next to diamond in hardness, is 12 times more wear-resistant than carbon steel, and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.

    Wear-resistant hex mats prevent erosion and abrasive wear in conveying and bulk material handling systems. Their flexible design allows for lining of intricate systems including fan blades, chutes, hoppers, and more.

    Order quantities may range from one box of ten mats up to container loads.


    Size Range

    Thickness Range: 3-25.4mm
    Size Range: 150x150, 250x250, 300x500, 500x500 mm

    Technical Specifications

    Ceramic Material:  92%, 95%,99%, ZTA

    Surface Finish: White
    Dimensional Tolerance: ±1%
    Maximum Temperature Limit: 1,500° C

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