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  • FIRSTAR Alumina Wear Resistant Liner Pieces for Pulley Lagging Ceramics

    Detailed description:
    QMX Pulley lagging is made through hundreds of individual ceramic lining pieces vulcanized into durable rubber plates, every applied ceramic lining tile have raised dimples for abrasion resistance.Generally,with the conveying pressure , thousands of salient point in alumina ceramic liner tile can have a positive traction to prevent slipping, extending the life of the roller conveyor.
    Which makes the drive roller life ten times more than the original drum .At the same time,each ceramic sheet has grooves spaced in a certain distance, enabling foreign matter like dust, dirt on the drum discharged along the trench, which makes the drum with a unique self-cleaning function, especially suitable for wet working environment.Alumina ceramic mosaic tile have various sizes available.

    Alumina Wear Resistant Liner Pieces for Pulley Lagging Ceramics

    Alumina ceramic characters: 
    > High hardness with Moh's hardness 9 grade
    > High abrasion and chemical resistance
    > Special dumps designed for more wear resistance
    > Light weight with various sizes

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