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  • FIRSTAR Vulcanized rubber Ceramic Wear liner

    Extremely tough with outstanding wear life properties


    Vulcanized rubber ceramic liner not only solves ceramic fragile property, but also solve problem of ceramics falling off , so rubber ceramic composite liner steady play its important industrial value.


    Ceramic wear liners are innovative and high-performance solutions designed to protect industrial equipment and components from the damaging effects of abrasive, erosive, and impact forces. They are a crucial element in industries where materials handling and processing involve the movement of abrasive materials, such as mining, cement, steel, power generation, and chemical processing.


    Traditional metallic wear-resistant materials have limitations when exposed to severe wear and corrosion conditions. This is where ceramic wear liners prove to be superior alternatives. These liners are made from advanced ceramics, which possess exceptional hardness, toughness, and resistance to wear, making them ideal for demanding applications.



    Improved wear life

    Ceramic wear plates maximize the lifetime of your equipment, and increase production capacity in both wet and dry applications.   


    Flow improvement

    Improve poor material flow caused by narrow sectors in the process. Such spots can be real bottlenecks and create a lot of additional work and unplanned downtime.


    Reduce noise pollution

    All ceramic wear products reduce noise and contribute to a better work environment.


    Type of Ceramic Material 

    92% Alumina

    95% Alumina

    99% Alumina

    ZTA(Zirconia Toughened Alumina) 

    Zirconium Oxide

    RBSiC Silicon Carbide 







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