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    Wear Resistant Rubber Ceramic Panels is new generation composite panels, a combination of wear resistant alumina ceramic cylinders/ceramic tiles vulcanized in resilient rubber base. The alumina ceramic surface provides exceptional resistance to wear, while the elastic property of the rubber effectively dampens the impact forces which can crack the ceramics. Rubber also helps to substantially reduce the vibrations, sounds, and the impact shock generated from impacting rocks. Laid out in zigzag and brick pattern, ceramic tiles/cylinders is an excellent feature for handling large material volumes at different angles without developing a wear pattern. As excellent impact and wear resistant material,The panel is suitable for feeders, chutes, bins, transfer points, in conveyor systems, screen feed plates, mill discharge chutes, bunker etc. The major applicable industries are Coal fired power plants, cement plants, blast furnace plants and host of other industries which requires high impact abrasion resistant surfaces.

    Type of CeramicsRubberSteel/Metal
     92% AluminaNatural rubber Hardness 60A235A
     95% Alumina

     99% Alumina



    Hex Tile mats Regular sizes:

    Panel Size300×300,250×250,500×500,600×600mm
    Ceramic size19x19, 21x21, 40x40 Hex tile 
    Alloy Steel Sizealloy steel plate with thickness ranging from 3 mm to 10 mm
    Rubber ThicknessDepends upon the impact stress expected.

    metal+rubber+ceramic / rubber+ceramic

    plain surface or spherical surface. 

    The steel bolt also available upon requests


    Wooden Crate   Ply-Wood Pallet 

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