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  • FIRSTAR Weldable Ceramic Tiles Steel Rubber backed composite wear mats

    Weldable Ceramic Tiles Steel Rubber backed composite wear mats

    Ceramics wear resistant

    · Wear Resistant: Manufactured with fine-grain alumina ceramic which is 12 times more wear resistant than steel

    · Optimal Arrangement: The exposed ceramic faces are optimally arranged to minimize the base material exposure and extend useful life

    · Slip Resistant: The embossed ceramic surface greatly improves belt traction

    · Variety of Options: ceramic tiles are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses to suit any application


    Ceramic: 92% & 95% Alumina, RBSiC, ZTA

    Available with square, rectangular, cylindrical or hexagonal,etc.

    Cushion Rubber/ PU: Superior rubber/PU compound, impact-absorbing

    Connection: Steel plate and studs / cn bonding layer, both available to suit different types of applications

    The thickness of complete liner, ceramic and rubber/PU are determined on the basis of application, such as handled material lump size, height of fall, impact angle, etc.

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