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    Specifications for Alumina Ceramic Jars

    QMX provides you with high quality premium polished high alumina ceramic jars. These jars are used whenever small quantity of samples need to be grinded. They are extensively applied to in the fields of Paint, Ink, Geology, Metallurgy, Electronics, Construction Material, Ceramics, Chemical Engineering, Light Industry, Medicine, Environmental Protection and so on. 

    Item No. : JA0106

    Material : Premium high purity alumina ceramic -Al2O3

    Jar Volume : 1,500 ml

    Each jar set includes grinding jar, jar lid, rubber sealing gasket. 

    Milling media sold separately

    Max Loading Capacity : 2/3 capacity of the grinding jar

    Density : 3.8 g/cm3

    Color : ivory white

    Shape : cylindrical

    Hardness : >80 HRA

    Abrasion Resistance : very good

    Suitable for : medium-hard, fibrous samples

    Attachment : lid and rubber sealing gasket

    Grind Balls : alumina ceramic balls (should be ordered separately)

    Grind Ball Sizes : 3/5/10/15/20mm available

    Choice of Grinding Jars & Grinding Balls

    In order to prevent excessive abrasion, the hardness of the grinding jars used and of the grinding balls must be higher than that of the material used. Normally, grinding jars and grinding balls of the same material should be chosen.

    Grinding Jar Ball Configurations

    Grinding Jar Volume





    Compatible Ball Weight





    5mm grinding balls (0.25 g/pc)

    106 pcs

    300 pcs

    10mm grinding balls (1.99 g/pc)

    20 pcs

    76 pcs

    50 pcs

    100 pcs

    15mm grinding balls (6.72 g/pc)

    4 pcs

    30 pcs

    59 pcs

    20mm grinding balls (15.92 g/pc)

    3 pcs

    5 pcs

    These values are recommendations for general use, the number of balls should be determined experimentally if necessary.

    Premium High Alumina Ceramic Planetary Ball Mill Jar

    PORCELAIN JARS FOR RAPID MILL The jars for rapid mill are made of porcelain alumina, fired at high temperature and are free from porosity. The external surface is glazed. Capacity: 300 cc – 1000 cc – 1800 cc Material feed size < 80 mm Suitable for both dry and wet grinding Maximum quantity of AI2 O3 : 66% Mohs hardness scale: >8 Complete with standard charge of alumina balls, nylon or ceramic lid with seal

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