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    Wear-resistant elements prevent destruction in the transportation, processing, mining and other technological equipment. The elements are made of high-purity, finely dispersed, alpha-alumina. Wear-resistant plates can be made from a variety pre-designed element of different dimensions and forms. 1. Standard tiles(alumina plain tiles)Standard ceramic tiles are used for protection against wear, especially on the flat and straight-line surfaces. Special sizes are on the Customer's request. 2. Weld-on Tile Welding tiles have a hole, and complete with carbon steel riveting and a ceramic plug for welding  3. Ceramic Mosaic Ceramic mosaic is widely used as a lining (facing) tile in the conveyor equipment to protect the drive pulleys of belt conveyors from wear, increases the tape engagement ratio, excluding its slippage. 4. Mosaic matsThe mosaic mats consist of small mosaic tiles glued to acetate silk or PVC mounting film. Standard mats are 250x250 and 500x500 mm. Standard thickness is 3-12 mm. The mats consist of a square tile of 10x10 or 20x20 mm, or a hexagonal tile of SW20/40 mm. Special sizes are on the Customer's request. 5. Ceramic tubesCylinders and spherical segments provide solid protection for steel pipes from abrasive and corrosion wear, even with a small wall thickness. Standard dimensions of inner diameter are 40-500 mm. Special sizes are on the Customer's request. 6. ZTA ceramics The combination of aluminum oxide and zirconium dioxide (ZTA) increases strength, toughness, hardness and wear resistance in 20-30% in comparison with pure alumina ceramics. The maximum temperature for application of products from ZTA ceramics is 1450 ° C. 7. Customized elementsIt is possible to design and manufacture a comprehensive wear-resistant protection and to adapt protective schemes for the Customer's tasks. Special processing of products prior to sintering allows to manufacture products of complex three-dimensional shape.

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