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    QMX Ceramic Tile is a preferred liner option in areas of extreme small particulate abrasion with minimal impact. The 90% fine grain, high grade alumina is manufactured to the highest standards, producing a premium product that can hold up to your most abrasive materials. Ceramic tiles offer great mechanical properties with superior sliding abrasion resistance.QMX Ceramic Tiles are offered in several thicknesses to address the requirements of your specific application. QMX Tiles are offered with a choice of attachment methods for optimal performance.ADVANTAGES· Greatest Level of Sliding Abrasion Resistance· Cost Effective· Multiple Thickness Options· Chemical Resistance Attachment Options: Epoxy or Weld-in STANDARD THICKNESSESThickness1/4″=6mm1/2″=12mm3/4″=20mm1″ =25mm2″ = 50mm

    FIRSTAR Ceramic Wear Resistant Tile Weldbale Lining

    Ceramic tiles have excellent abrasion and wear resistant qualities and are ideal for use in transfer chutes, piping systems, hoppers, etc.  Typical markets include grain, coal-fired power generation, mining, cement, and more.QMX Manufactures a full range of high-density, fine-grain, wear-resistant alumina ceramic wear tiles to prevent erosion and abrasion in conveying and bulk material handling systems.  Our alumina ceramic is next to diamond in hardness, is 12 times more wear-resistant than carbon steel, and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.Weldable tiles are provided with a hole though the tile, a carbon steel weld cup, and a ceramic plug for welding in pace onto a steel substrate.LengthWidtThickness50501550501750502060203560401070701070701575752075752575753075753510050810050121005012.510050151005020100502510075121007520100752510075301001001010010012100100151001002010010025100100301001003510010040100100451208081208010120801212080141208015120802012080251208030150501015050121505012.71505015150502015050251505030150503515050401505050150100101501001215010014150100151501002015010023.5150100241501002515010030150100401501005015010070

    FIRSTAR Weldable ceramic wear tiles

    QMX supply and install a wide range of Alumina Wear Resistant Tiles for wear protection of all areas such as Chutes, Silos, Feeders, Bins, Launders, Dutching, Tanks, Bunkers, Hoppers, Underpans etc.Described as the material of the future, alumina ceramics is one of the hardest of all natural substances known to man. Under extremely abrasive conditions, no material can compete on a cost to life basis with it's extreme hardness and wear resistance. In addition, alumina ceramics has exceptional chemical, mechanical, thermal and electrical insulation properties and can be formed into any shape or size with various qualities for specific applications. Weld-On alumina ceramic tiles are typically used in high temperature applications and are available in most sizes to suit your application on an ex-stock basis.CategoryHC90HC92HC95HCT95HC99HC-ZTAZrO2Al2O3≥90%≥92%≥95%≥ 95%≥ 99%≥75%/ZrO2/////≥21%≥95%Density>3.50g/ cm3>3.60g/cm3>3.65g/cm3>3.70g/cm3>3.83g/cm3>4.10g/cm3>5.90g/cm3HV 20≥900≥950≥1000≥1100≥1200≥1350≥1100Rock Hardness HRA≥80≥82≥85≥88≥90≥90≥88Bending Strength MPa≥180≥220≥250≥300≥330≥400≥800Compression strength MPa≥970≥1050≥1300≥1600≥1800≥2000/Fracture Toughness KIc MPam 1/2≥3.5≥3.7≥3.8≥4.0≥4.2≥4.5≥7.0Wear Volume≤0.28 cm3≤0.25cm3≤0.20cm3≤0.15cm3≤0.10 cm3≤0.05cm3≤0.02cm3

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