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  • How to replace the alumina lining bricks of ball mill


    Alumina lining bricks, high alumina cement or resin glue.


    Clean the ball mill 

    It's necessary to wipe off the obsolete bricks and cement or iron rust.

    Repair the rugged surface and polish the surface into rough so that bricks can be installed more stable.


    Order of installation

    Two Sides--mill body

    For mill body: use rectangular bricks & Trapezoid bricks in collocation , makes bricks fit the surface tightly.

    For two sides: Make sure the bricks interlaced.



    During the installation of mill body, it's better keep the installation part upright. After the cement become strong, rotate the ball mill, make the finished part at the bottom, and install the rest part.

    After finishing installation and bricks become strong, fill the ball mill with water, it would make the bricks fit the ball mill tightly.

    How to replace the alumina lining bricks of ball mill

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