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Zirconium Silicate Grinding Media Beads, Milling, Dispersion, Grinding

Zirconium Silicate – Grinding Media for your Bead Mill

Grinding Beads for Better Grinding and Better Performance


Complete Product Line

For 25 years,QMX have been working closely with customers to develop the market demand for grinding media. We have a full range of products which are suitable for different devices and different fields.On the basis of Stabilized zirconia and zirconium silicate, according to our customers’ equipment,production efficiency, and quality requirements, we developed and designed the specific gravity and particle size of the grinding beads. Our unique formula, stringent production process ensure superior product performance.


Tough and wear resistant grinding beads guarantee the trouble-free production processes.


Cost Control

Zirconium silicate beads has a significant cost advantage than the glass bead, alumina bead and other grinding media.


Effect of sizes

The Grinding Efficiency has a important relationship with the number of particles of grinding beads. In unit volume, the smaller the particle diameter, the more quantity of the grinding beads , and thus we generally recommend a small particle diameter grinding media in order to improve the grinding efficiency.




The excellent particle size distribution-the excellent-the best production efficiency


Excellent abrasion resistance property of the yttrium stabilized or cerium stabilized zirconia grinding media make the particle size distribution more stable in the grinding process.


Narrow size distribution can help you to choose the suitable discharge clearance of the sand mills.


Excellent Performance

We have the advanced ceramic production technology,perfect quality management,optimal cost control.Out products have excellent performance, Under the severe grinding conditions, our products have a huge advantage in performance.



Industrial Standard

Zirconium silicate bead is a kind of grinding media with the best universalness. We have a strong production ability with our fused technology, and the smaller size is with a excellent performance, especially suitable for the minerals grinding. The product with Sintered technology has a narrow size distribution, with the excellent anti crush property, applicable for most kinds of grinding systems.



Rules of grinding media selection

The selection of the grinding media selection is influenced by the following factors.


→Technology   →Formula     →Particle size of the material    →Type of grinding machine    →Requirement of grinding accuracy    → Maintenance of the equipment    →Production efficiency



We always provide our customers the most optimal options

→ Applications& Analysis

Understand application information, determine the most optimal grinding beads by testing.


→ Guide of grinding beads

Monitor the effectiveness and the using life of the grinding beads.


Precise recommendation of the grinding beads


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