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    Advanced ceramics have proven to be the front runner in wear protection, typically outlasting metallic overlay by as much as 10 times the life expectancy. Ceramic wear liners are now in high demand for protecting areas with extreme sliding abrasion from bulk material handling, particularly with Coal and Ore minerals.




    The cost for lining a chute with ceramic is considerably less than what you would expect to pay for in steel. 

    Reduce Weight


    Ceramic tiles weigh approximately 56% less than steel. In perspective, if an area of 6 square meters was lined with 25mm thick steel, it would weigh approximately 1147kg. Whereas ceramic would weigh only 505kg. Ceramic reduces the constant load on equipment and makes installation easier without the use of heavy lifting equipment.




    The ceramic tiles extreme hardness and smooth surface allows for superior material flow resulting in an increase in production, efficiency and eliminating the risk of hang-ups.


    Long life


    Our ceramic tiles contain pure aluminum oxide, a material well known for it's crystalline structure found similarly in diamond. This gives the ceramic an incomparable resistance to wear caused from continuous abrasion. 


    Alumina Wear Resistant Tiles 

    QMX supply a wide range of Alumina Wear Resistant Tiles for wear protection of all areas such as Chutes, Silos, Feeders, Bins, Launders, Dutching, Tanks, Bunkers, Hoppers, Underpans etc.

    Described as the material of the future, alumina ceramics is one of the hardest of all natural substances known to man. Under extremely abrasive conditions, no material can compete on a cost to life basis with it's extreme hardness and wear resistance. In addition, alumina ceramics has exceptional chemical, mechanical, thermal and electrical insulation properties and can be formed into any shape or size with various qualities for specific applications. 

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