ceramic lined cyclone
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Advanced ceramic wear components


Used in heavy industry for years as a cost-effective, wear-resistant solution, these lightweight materials offer high durability, strength, and excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. Alumina wear resistant compositions include:

  •  Alumina 92: most common wear product with great wear resistance

  •  Alumina 95: increased wear performance

  •  Alumina 99: premium alumina for best wear resistance

  •  Zirconium toughened alumina:  increased strength and impact resistance

Advanced ceramic wear components for a variety of applications:

Processing equipment:

  •  Pharmaceutical clean rooms

  •  Food processing plants

  •  Grain handling

  •  Mineral processing

  •  Cement manufacturing

  •  Chemical processing

  •  Large Cyclones:

         -Coal-fired power plants

         -Steel Mills

         -Asphalt Plants

         -Petrochemical plants

  • Pulp and paper mills



Small diameter ceramic media is used to disperse chemical coatings, paint, pigments, wear-resistant epoxies, and more for industrial, automotive, marine, and other applications. 

  •  Paint mixing & manufacturing

  •  Pigment manufacturing

  •  Wear-resistant epoxy resins

Ceramic wear liner solutions are becoming more common in material handling applications because they have been proven to provide maximum resistance to impact and abrasion in bulk material handling applications.

Our wear liners comprise of advanced ceramic tiles (either Alumina Oxide, Silicon Carbide or Boron Carbide), bonded in a high tensile strength polymer matrix to a studded steel backing plate. 

All our ceramic wear liners are bonded using our proprietary bonding process that enables an engineering grade bond between the ceramic and the steel plate to be achieved. As a result the bonded ceramics provide superior wear life and impact resistance. Typically ceramics will last approximately five times longer than NiHard steel and other similar applications.

Many factors need to be considered when selecting the correct ceramic liners for each application, such as angle of impact, particle size, particle density, velocity and general construction of the application that the ceramics will be applied to. We are able to bond ceramics of all thicknesses, including 6mm, 12mm, 25mm and 50mm ceramics.