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    QMX offers a range of ceramic wear liner solutions.


    Ceramic wear products offer improved wear and material flow characteristics with the added benefit of noise reduction. Ceramic wear solutions are increasingly being used in applications affected by  high impact, wear from highly abrasive bulk material and material hang-up from sticky ores.


    Ceramic wear products offer material handlers improved productivity (through reduced downtime and improved material flow) and a superior rate of return.


    Manufactured in standard sizes or for specific customer requirements and designed to fit all appropriate applications, ceramic liners are particularly suitable for many applications within bulk material handling equipment.


    Our engineering team can form and shape liners to meet specific wear, impact  and flow requirements, no matter how small or large to serve a broad spectrum. 


    Chutes // Stackers & Reclaimers // Skirt Liners // Deflectors // Impact Plates // Bins // Hoppers // Pipes


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