ceramic lined cyclone
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Technical ceramic solutions for your wear resistant solutions

QMX supply a variety of high-purity ceramic materials in China, China. We are a leading supplier of wear-resistant ceramics, offering solutions for abrasion and corrosion problems.

Our solutions are based on your application parameters: types of abrasion, system and equipment design, operating temperatures and materials.QMX’s fine-grained alumina, ZTA and RBSiC ceramic offer properties that will optimize the solution for any wear application.

Wear-Resistant ceramic linings increase productivity in a variety of typical applications include:
Ash Lines                                                Centrifuges
Pipe Elbows                                           Chutes
Pump Housings                                    Tanks
Cyclones                                                 Transitions
Troughs and Flumes                            Dust Collectors
Spray Driers                                          Chippers and Chip Bins
Hoppers                                                 Wash Boxes
Dredging Equipment                           Silos
Screw Conveyors                                 Classifiers