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  • Alumina Lined Straight Pipe

    Ceramic lined pipes are the integral part of the  pulverised fuel pipes, spool pieces, Transition piece, Distance pieces, Granshot Pipe, Slag Pipe, Lime lifting pipe, Slurry Pipe etc. This lined pipes are used to avoid the unwanted punchers and unnecessary downtime for the conveying operations. QMX is been a prominent supplier Alumina ceramic lined pipes to all the major OEMs and other mining industries. QMX specializes in 92%,95% ZTA Grades for the wear, corrosion and abrasion resistance application. QMX also provides specialised bonding material for the various application to avoid the peeling of tiles from the steel surface.


    · Longer life of steel structure of the pipe

    · Prevention of the unwanted punchers

    · Prevention of frequent maintenance

    · Less frequent pipe changeover


    · QMX lined straight pipes are having good customizability in-terms of flange sized and other branch segments

    · QMX Epoxy and the paint will provide an one stop solution for the wear problems in your equipments


    · Power Generation

    · Heavy industries

    · Mineral processing 

    · Cement industries

    · Steel industries


    · Material Conveying

    · Abrasive material handling

    · Long distance material transition

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