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  • Ceramic lined hopper and chute

    Ceramic lined hopper and chute

    Chutes or hoppers are the main equipment for material conveying and loading in the crushing system in cement, steel, coal power plant, mining and so on. With continuous conveying of particle, such as coal, iron ore, gold, aluminum etc. The chutes and hoppers are suffered very serious abrasion and impact because of such big material conveying capacity and big impact. It is also applicable to Coal, Metallurgy, and Chemical industries as feeding materials equipment.

    According to the abrasion, impact and temperature, we select suitable abrasion resistant ceramic wear liners or ceramic liner to install on the inner wall of the equipment, like the mining chute, hopper, silo and material feeder, So that the equipment can prolong the lifetime.

    Applied industry:The abrasion resistant ceramic wear liner chute are widely used in the cement ,steel ,chemical ,mining milling, smelting, port ,coal fired thermal power plant as wear protection equipment.


    · 1. Superior wear resistance

    · 2. Chemical and impact resistance

    · 3. Erosion, acid, alkali resistance

    · 4. Smooth inner wall

    · 5. Easy installation

    · 6. Longer service lifetime

    · 7. Competitive and reasonable price

    · 8. Saving maintenance time and expenditures


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