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ZTA Grinding Balls


Zirconium Toughened Alumina beads & balls are unique products, developed by our R&D team after several years of research and experiments. We adopt our experienced roll / granulation method for forming this type of products to make it specifically suitable for Mining wet grinding applications. Proved by many comparison wear rate tests, ZTA shows 4 - 30 times better in wear resistance than various quality High Alumina ( 90 - 92 % Al2O3 ) grinding media in global market, and its similar density enables this product to substitute High Alumina media very well. 


■ZTA (ZrO2-Al2O3) Medium Density Ceramic Grinding Media


-Optimal density

-Compatible with all mill types

-No breakage of the grinding media

-Higher milling efficiency

-Low wear rate

-Economic advantage


High Tech ceramics

Contamination free milling

Special Products or raw material


- Technical ceramics -

-Pigments. Paints

-Dielectric materials

- Electro ceramics -

-Production of printing and inks

-Piezoelectric materials

- Refractory materials

- Coatings

- Magnetic Materials

- Coating Materials

- Paper industry

- Minerals

- Agro Chemicals


Packing :

1. 25kg/bag,40bags on 1 pallet (Plywood pallet)

2. 1000kgs/jumbo bag, 1 bag packed on 1 pallet. (Plywood pallet)

3. 2000kgs/jumbo bag, 1bag packed on 1 pallet. (plastic pallet)



The grinding media is delivered in container of 20’FCL.


The grinding media should be stored in a dry and clean place.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further technical information about milling processes or applications.


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