ceramic lined cyclone
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Wear Resistant Pipe Spool and Elbow

Mining Wear Ceramic Lined Part and Components

QMX can supply hydro cyclone replacement liners for OEM cyclones. Liners are generally composed of:

  • Silicon Carbide

  • Alumina or

  • composite ceramic Liner 

In situations where ceramic materials may not be suitable, we also supply linings made from:

  • Polyurethane or

  • Rubber

Pipe Linings

Our ceramic pipe linings have been used in very abrasive environments.

They are produced from high purity (92% or 99.8%), high density Alumina.

They exhibit around 8 - 10 times the wear life of comparative materials, ie steels, rubbers and polyurethanes.

We stock various straight and elbow sections and can tailor to your needs.

Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Vortex Finder 

Wear Resistant Pipe Spool and Elbow

Wear Resistant 45°Pipe Bend 

Wear Resistant 45°Pipe Bend

Wear Resistant Cyclone Distributor 

Wear Resistant Cyclone Distributor

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