ceramic lined cyclone
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Wear resistant ceramic Products QMX can offer

QMX offers a wide range of products to our clients to help them run their plants more efficiently preventing unnecessary unplanned costly down time due to excessive wear inside process plants causing breakdowns.


Our main products categories are:

- Epoxy ceramic wear resistant compound to line Conveyor pulleys, tanks etc.

- Epoxy tile adhesive to bond Alumina Ceramic and Silicon Carbide to steel equipment

- Alumina Ceramic Material in various shapes and sizes for lining Pipes Cones Chutes etc. ( Flat, Conical,      Corner Shaped more shapes available)

- Silicon Carbide Materials for lining very high wear areas and impact areas in various Equipment. (Flat,  Corner shaped, more shapes available)

- Basalt lining Material For lining of transfer pipe lines and Tailings lines

- Cyclone replacement parts (See more under Services / Cyclone and Cyclone Circuit refurbishment and  optimization)