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  • The State Council issued a number of opinions on promoting domestic demand for information consumption

    Xinhua Beijing August 14, by the State Council executive meeting to discuss the adoption of the State Council recently issued "on the promotion of information consumption to expand domestic demand a number of opinions." In the stage of the current residents' consumption escalation, industrialization, informatization, new urbanization and agricultural modernization, the information consumption has a good foundation and huge development potential. To seize the favorable opportunity to speed up the promotion of information consumption, both to effectively stimulate domestic demand, the birth of new economic growth point, but also to enhance and develop the service industry to promote economic restructuring and improvement of people's livelihood, is a benefit both long- Steady growth and structural adjustment of the major initiatives.

    "Opinions" pointed out that the promotion of information consumption, to deepen the reform as the driving force to scientific and technological innovation as the support, adhere to market-oriented, reform and promotion, demand-led, orderly and safe development of the principle of mining consumption potential, enhance supply capacity, Improve the consumption environment, strengthen the information infrastructure construction, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of the information industry, vigorously enrich the information consumption content, improve the information network security capabilities, and promote the production, life and management of information consumption rapid and healthy growth. By 2015, the scale of information consumption of more than 3.2 trillion yuan, an average annual growth of more than 20%, driven by the relevant industries added more than 1.2 trillion yuan of output; Internet-based new information consumption reached 2.4 trillion yuan, the average annual growth More than 30%.

    "Opinions" from five aspects of the main task of promoting information consumption. First, accelerate the evolution of information infrastructure upgrade. The implementation of the "broadband China" strategy, improve the telecommunications universal service compensation mechanism to promote the release of the fourth generation of mobile communications (4G) license in 2013; comprehensively promote triple play, during the year to promote. Second, enhance the supply of information products. The implementation of intelligent terminal industrial projects to support the development of smart phones, smart TVs and other end products; promote a new generation of display technology breakthroughs, and guide social capital investment in integrated circuit industry, enhance the software industry support service level. Third, foster information consumption needs. To promote the commercialization of cloud computing services, to speed up the Internet of things and Beidou satellite navigation industry, to carry out major applications of the Internet of things demonstration, rich information products and information consumption content, and vigorously develop e-commerce. Fourth, to enhance the level of public service information. Promote the sharing and development of public information resources; the implementation of "information Huimin" project, promote education, medical quality resources sharing, popularize the application of residents health card, promote financial IC card in the field of public service applications; in the conditional city to carry out the wisdom of the city pilot Demonstration construction. Fifth, strengthen the information consumption environment construction. Promote the identification and certification of information products and services; strengthen personal information protection, promote the introduction of personal information protection legal system, standardize the information consumer market order.

    "Opinions" also clear the support policies to promote information consumption. First, we must deepen the reform of administrative examination and approval system. Clean up the administrative examination and approval matters involving information consumption, eliminate all kinds of industry, regional, operating barriers, reduce the threshold of the establishment of Internet companies. Second, we must increase fiscal and financial policy support. Relying on existing policies to support enterprise technological innovation, the Internet, software companies to give tax incentives; improve corporate financing environment, give priority to support the Internet micro-enterprises, improve the information services business venture investment support policies. Third, we must improve and improve the telecommunications services. Establish and improve the basic telecom operators and Internet companies, radio and television enterprises, information content providers and other cooperation and fair competition mechanism, strengthen tariff regulation, encourage and support private capital into the telecommunications industry. Fourth, we must strengthen the laws and regulations, the standard system construction and information consumption statistics monitoring, in the conditional areas to carry out information consumption pilot demonstration city (county, district) construction.

    "Opinions" requirements, all regions and departments should strengthen the organization and leadership and coordination, conscientiously implement the tasks and responsibilities, as soon as possible the development of specific implementation programs, improve and refine policy measures to ensure effective

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