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  • The roasting process of wear - resistant ceramics

    Roasting process is the production of wear-resistant ceramic an important process, it will directly affect the quality of wear-resistant ceramics and performance, roasting process in the end what is it?

    Wear-resistant ceramic roasting process, the need for high-quality control and regulation, we must first ensure that the high-temperature rotary kiln fuel system fuel supply pressure stability, and then solve the fuel automatically heat insulation temperature, in order to achieve fuel system thermal parameters stable and reliable, Quality, material handling and material roasting and other factors parameters, to the material caused by high temperature interference process, after repeated program practice and analysis, the use of kiln temperature, feed string machine adjustment, to overcome a variety of interference, Stabilize the operation of the rotary kiln, greatly improving the quality of roasting.

    Wear-resistant ceramic is from aluminum hydroxide or alumina into the rotary kiln, the material in the process of moving to be heated, after physical and chemical changes roasting out, in this roasting process is only effective control of high temperature rotary kiln of the process parameters, To produce qualified high-quality wear-resistant ceramic products.

    Today's introduction to introduce here, and read the above content, we have not deepened the understanding of wear-resistant ceramic roasting process? Hope that the above content for everyone to help, if you still have questions, please contact us.

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