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  • What are the main applications of wear-resistant ceramic linings?

    Wear-resistant ceramic liner is a commonly used wear-resistant ceramic products, widely used in various industries, the following Xiaobian to introduce you to wear ceramic liner main application areas which.

    Wear-resistant ceramic liner can be used in thermal power, steel, smelting, machinery, coal, mining, chemical, cement, port and other enterprises of coal, feeding system, milling system, ash, dust removal system, Mechanical equipment, all the equipment can be seen its importance. Wear-resistant ceramic liner The main application of the types of manufacturers are the following:

    1, cement plant: coal mill inlet and outlet pipes, row whirlwind and inlet and outlet pipes, powder and import and export pipelines, high temperature circulating fan inlet and outlet pipes, pulverized coal pipelines, separator and inlet and outlet pipes

    2, power plants: wear-resistant ceramic liner in the power plant has an important role, such as garbage power generation, coal-fired power generation, waste heat power generation, straw power generation. Flue gas desulfurization system, denitrification system, mill inlet and outlet pipelines, exhaust fan and inlet and outlet pipes, coarse and fine powder separator and inlet and outlet pipes, powder feeding pipes, combustion devices, ash removal equipment and pipes, dust pipe, fly ash sorting system Pipes and equipment.

    3, chemical plants: mill system piping, drying kiln, material handling pipeline

    4, dust removal equipment manufacturers: dust collector inlet whirlwind, dust conveyor system

    5, coal washing plant: slag pipe, mixer, chain scraper and so on

    6, titanium dioxide plant: separator and system piping

    7, coal chemical industry: coal slurry pipeline

    8, glass smelter: flue and dust removal system, furnace kiln

    Wear-resistant ceramic liner is a widely used wear-resistant ceramic products, Founder special ceramics has been committed to the production of wear-resistant ceramic liner, wear-resistant ceramic and other high-quality wear-resistant ceramic products, welcome to come to the election purchase.

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