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  • Bitossi Visiting Chinese Companies for Potential Partnership

    Vincenzo Patini, the China Regional Manager of Vitopel Group from Italy, along with one other member of the group, is scheduled to visit the High-Tech Zone on February 23-24. The purpose of their visit is to explore aluminum oxide powder production companies in the High-Tech Zone and seek potential partners for collaboration.

    On February 24th, our company welcomed a group of customers to visit our factory in the Industrial Zone. The purpose of the visit was to give our valued customers a firsthand experience of our production processes and quality control measures.

    Upon arrival, the visitors were warmly welcomed by our staff and given a brief introduction to our company and the products we manufacture. The tour then commenced, starting with the raw material storage area, where the visitors witnessed the storage and handling of materials used in the production process.

    The visitors were then taken to the production line, where they saw our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment in action. Our experienced technicians demonstrated the production processes and explained the quality control measures implemented at each stage of production.

    The visitors were impressed by the cleanliness and efficiency of our factory, as well as the dedication and expertise of our staff. After the tour, the visitors were invited to a conference room for a Q&A session with our sales and technical team, during which they had the opportunity to discuss our products, processes, and future cooperation.

    Overall, the factory tour was a great success, providing our customers with a deeper understanding of our operations .


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