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  • Micro-crystalline medium-aluminum grinding ceramic ball Micro Grinding Bead

    QMX ceramic grinding media is engineered to provide unmatched economic and performance advantages in ultra-fine grinding and regrind applications. The double sintering process used in manufacturing our media results in superior strength and wear resistance with consistent particle size and shape.

    The unique chemical composition of Ceramic grinding media produces the durability and density that make it ideal for use in both vertical and horizontal mill operations. It is engineered to optimize grinding efficiency in the mill, reducing input energy. The light-colored media yields the desired finish when light color and brightness of the final product are critical.

    QMX Ceramic grinding media is engineered for uniform particle size and shape. This reduces wear on mechanical parts of milling equipment, resulting in lower maintenance costs and less downtime.




    • Superior strength and hardness
    • Uniform size and shape with excellent
    • Lower density than alternatives such as
    steel or iron balls
    • Exceptionally low internal porosity
    • Chemically inert and environmentally
    • White color with high brightness


    • High grind efficiency
    • Longer product life cycle
    • Decreases product contamination
    • Reduces equipment wear and
    maintenance costs

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