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  • Application of Wear - resistant Ceramics in Fan Impeller

    Wear-resistant ceramic widely used in the thermal power plant, pulverized coal transportation, desulfurization and dust removal system are powered by the fan, the fan's high-speed rotation caused by dust-containing two-phase particle flow and its relative movement, which hard two-phase particles on the fan impeller The sheet collision and relative movement cause erosion wear. For a long time thermal power enterprises generally use wear-resistant surfacing, thermal spraying and other traditional anti-wear method, the effect is not ideal, and will cause stress concentration.

    The use of better wear resistance ceramic anti-wear impeller is an optimal way, but need to overcome the high-speed operation of the ceramic easy to fall off the problem, while ensuring that the weight of the ceramic does not affect the impeller start and normal operation. This kind of craft made of ceramic wear-resistant impeller, ceramic and impeller close together, and wear-resistant ceramic density is small, the weight is far lower than the commonly used steel anti-wear liner, the total weight of the impeller to reduce the fan main bearing life The

    Wear-resistant ceramic wear-resistant, the impeller can generally extend the life of more than 15 times, not only greatly reduce the frequency of the replacement of the impeller and significantly improve the operation rate of equipment, reduce the operation and maintenance personnel work intensity.

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