ceramic lined cyclone
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Rubber Backed Ceramic Wear Tile

Rubber backed ceramic wear tile liner are perfect combination of hardness and flexibility. QMX ceramic cylinders are vulcanized into the rubber backing with  60Shore A hardness, offering high impact and noise reduction beside of excellent abrasion resistance. QMX rubber components panels are engineered and designed to the needs of our customers.Our standard sizes includes mats 250*500mm, 500x500 mm, 150*300mm, 300*300mm,450*300mm, 300*400mm, 450*400mm, 450*600mm, consisting cylinder 31*31mm,hexagonal tile,square mosaic tile,plain tile.


Wear Ceramic Liner Application : QMX Ceramic Liner suggestion according to your wear area: Rubber ceramic tile suggested --- Wear Area Character : Condition of extremely impact and abrasion,Typical materials handled like gypsum,lime,gravel,coal,ores,especially size more than 40mm,Machines like chute,hopper,bunker,stacker & reclaimer. Ceramic plain tile suggested---Wear Area Character : Condition of air and wind powder conveying system,typical materials like ash,sand,cement, dust.machines like pipeline,hopper,chute,cyclone