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    Background and necessity of the establishment
    Zibo Xingao Abrasion Resistant New Materials Superfine Energy Efficiency Technology Research Institute

    The wear-resistant ceramic materials industry has not been a meteorological testing service organization can provide comprehensive professional testing and research. The establishment of the institute,to serve enterprises,further promote the transformation of scientific and technolgical achievements and cooperation between industry,academia and research,to improve The technical level of local fine ceramics enterprises and transformation of new and old kinetic energy have greatly affected the cost reduction and consumption reduction.
  • --Research on Ultra-Fine energy efficiency technology
  • --Preparation and Formation Mechanism of High Abrasion Resistant Zirconium Aluminium Material
  • --R&D of Low-cost fine graiend high-purity alumina powder and quantitative production technology.
  • --High-purity Uitra-Fine high temperature resistant ceramic composite powder projuct.
  • QIMINGXING has been committed to the development of scientific research and technology. Now 15 people engahed in development,including 6 senior engineers, 7 engineers, 2 assistant engineers and 1 technical leader. The company invested a large amount of money to purchase high-end testing equipments.

  • German Zeiss V8 stereo microscopes
  • Australian PM75 abrasion detection analyzer
  • HVT-30A digital automatic turret high-precision Vickers hardne
  • WDW-300E electronic universal material test Machine etc
  • --National Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund
  • --Provin Science and Technology Plan,
  • --Zibo City Innovation and Development Key Project
  • --Provincial Science and Technologoy SME Innovation Industry Cluster.
  • According to the development of technology and market demand, the company also has a layout in the field of new material manufacturing, including ultra-high temperature ZrC powder, ZrC-SiC composite powder, high entropy carbide (Ti0.2Zr0.2Hf0.2Nb0.1W0.1Ta0.2) C powder and high entropy rare earth silicate powder. The above materials are mainly used in ultra-high temperature fields such as aerospace vehicles, and the technical difficulty is large, but the market prospect is good.