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ZTA & Zirconia Toughened Alumina Beads and Balls(3.65 g/cc)

ZTA beads and balls are unique products, which have been developed after years of research and testing. We use the rolling / granulation method to form small-size beads, and use the isostatic wet bag press to form large-size beads. Many industrial tests have proved that the wear resistance of ZTA is 2-15 times that of various high-quality high aluminum (90-92% Al2O3) grinding media on the market. The similar density makes this product a good substitute for high aluminum grinding media.


Large ball sizes up to ∅ 70 mm are available, especially for ball mills

Many tests have proved that its wear resistance is at least twice that of the "best" high alumina (90-92% alumina) medium in the world market

Excellent cost performance, saving user costs

The high impact strength makes the medium not only suitable for wet grinding, but also very suitable for dry grinding

This bead is also recommended for fine grinding zircon

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