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composite liners

composite liners

1. Detailed description:

In aggressive industrial applications, equipment where high impact , high abrasion inevitably suffer mechanical attack, chemical attack, corrosion, or by a combination of these three modes.

QMX’s Ceramics can offer various of ceramic liner plate for customer's abrading environment. Composite ceramic wear liner is intended for the toughest applications with very high materials. when a combination of extreme wear and impact resistance ans long wear life is needed , Ultraming offer composite ceramic wear liner with large and hard ceramic bricks vulcanized into a matrix of wear resistant rubber .due to its elastic properties the rubber acts as a dampener. It makes it possible to use this product in applications with a lot of impact without the risk of crushing the ceramic bricks . 

2.Product features:

> High hardness 

> Superior abrasion and impact resistance 

> Corrosion and chemical resistance 

> Light weight 

> Easy installation by epoxy resin or bolt 

> Improve your working environment-noise, vibration and safety

3. The alumina ceramic tiles for vulcanization including:

- Square tile: 10x10x2~10mm, 17.5x17.5x2~15mm, 20x20x2~15mm, 33x33x7~25mm, etc.

- Ceramic Plate: 100x100x6~50mm, 150x100x6~50mm, etc.

- Hexagonal tile: S12xT3~20mm, S19xT6-25mm

- Ceramic Block: 40x40x40mm, 32x32x22mm, 38x38x38mm,etc.

- Ceramic Cylinder/rod: 6x6mm,15x15mm,20x20mm, 31x31mm , 40x40mm,50x50mm etc.

5. Applicatiion of equipments

- Bins

- Feeders

- Chutes

- Bunkers

- Storages

S.No.MaterialAttributes Properties
1Ceramic TilesMaterial92%, 95%, T95%,96%, ZTA
2RubberComponentnatural rubber, nitrile-butadiene rubber ,Flame Retardant ,others
Tensile strength at break≥15Mpa
Elongation at break≥250%
Shore Hardness45-65
Adhesive between tile and rubber1.2-3.0 Mpa
Adhesive between rubber and equipment≥3.5 Mpa
Thermal conductivity.(normal temperature)2w/m·k
Aging period≥15 Years
Working temperature-50ºC - 200ºC
3Steel plateMaterialQ235A
4AdhesiveAppearance Brown glutinous liquid
Solid content20±3%
Viscosity≥2.5 Mpa
Peel strength48h  N/2.5cm≥120
Compressive strength≥850 Mpa
Working temperature-20ºC - 100ºC

Whole Plate (mm)150x300, 300x300, 450x000, 500x500, 600x450 etc.
Ceramic Size (mm)Square Tile:  10x10, 20x20, 33x33, 50x50, 100x100, 150x100,etc.
Hexagonal Tile: 12x3, 12x6, 19x7, 19x12.5, 19x25,etc.
Locking block with lock and groove: 38x38, 40x40, 30x30,etc.
Dimple Tile: 20x20 with 5 dimples, 20x30 with 18 dimples, 20x30 with 
13 dimples, 20x20 with 1 semi-spherical surface
Ceramic Thickness (mm)3-75mm
Alloy Steel Size (mm)Thickness: 3-10mm
Rubber Thickness (mm)Depends on the impact stress expected.

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